When to Use Setting Spray?

When to Use Setting Spray?

Have you ever wondered why after using waterproof products, the makeup still went away after only 2-3 hours? Especially for acne-prone skin, it makes makeup difficult to stay on the skin and requires extra care. That’s because you don’t know the “weapon” that helps keep the makeup layer: setting spray for acne-prone skin. It helps the makeup layer last longer all day long.

When to Use Setting Spray?

What do you know about Setting Spray?

Just like a hairspray sprays, setting spray is a liquid that can hold everything together on the face. It helps to prevent the makeup from moving and dripping due to external factors such as sweat, weather, so on.  Setting sprays is the secret of the beauty blogger, beauty guru, and also an indispensable step in makeup for a long time.

Why is Setting Spray Must-Have Item?

Besides the ability to stick skin products together, it also works as a moisturizing agent. It moisturizes the skin and helps to control the oil. Further, it does not create a feeling of dryness, and the makeup layer does not become moldy but becomes smoother. Not only that, but beauty bloggers also use setting spray eye moisturizer to make the eye makeup clearer and smoother without dropping pollen.

How to use Setting Spray?

When to Use Setting Spray?

Setting Sprays is indispensable “treasures” of the sisters that do not allow makeup to get smudged by sweat or windy weather. Although it is common, many girls still use the setting spray product in the wrong manner, which doesn’t give expected results.

Usage is very simple, keep the spray bottle about 20-30 cm away from face and then spray evenly across the face. Do not touch or pat because the “spray” will automatically spread evenly on the skin. You can use setting sprays in the first step before makeup or the last step after the completion of make.

When used before makeup, the setting spray will be able to moisturize the skin and create a fresh feel to the skin. It is the tip to help you easily create a strong transparent makeup (Glowy Make-Up). After that, you can use foundation cream and perform other makeup steps. Conversely, if you use setting sprays after you’ve finished your makeup, you will get a super-durable makeup layer without mold.

A little trick to make eye color more standard is to use setting sprays to moisten the makeup brush. This will make the powder stick together more tightly so that the eyes will look more radiant and sharp. If the weather is too hot or you want a sophisticated bridal makeup layer to not get smudged, think of Setting Spray.

A Few Notes To Use Makeup Setting Spray Correctly

Read the instructions before use

Using a setting spray is the final step after finishing your makeup to keep your makeup lasting longer. But the effect of makeup sprays gets reduced if the product is not evenly spread over the face.

Do not ignore the instructions printed on the package because depending on setting spray products. It is because every product of the different brand is different, some require shake or some not. Keep the makeup sprays bottle 15-20 cm away from your face, close your eyes and spray the product in an “X” and “T” motion. This will allow eh product to cover your face evenly.

Can replace specialized makeup spray with mineral spray?

Many girls just stepped into the “maze” of cosmetics, and it would be easy to confuse the mineral sprays and makeup sprays. Basically, makeup spray works to moisturize the skin, control oil, and keep makeup lasting. Mineral spray only provides water and moisture to the skin immediately, and thanks to this, a thin layer of makeup easily sticks to the skin.

It can be seen that the effects of makeup spray and mineral spray are similar. However, you should also note that the setting spray is for use after the makeup, and the mineral spray is for before the makeup.

Do not use hairspray instead of setting Spray

Besides mineral spray, hairspray is also a product that many girls misunderstand about the use and often use it as setting Spray. However, in addition to “looks” quite similar, the hairspray and makeup spray are two separate product lines. They are completely different in terms of substrate, ingredients, and uses.

Further, the ingredients, aromas in hair sprays can cause irritation, skin allergies, and can damage the lungs if inhaled. Your skin will react violently if you use hairspray instead of makeup spray!

How To Make Stretch Skin With Just 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Start decorating your face with a foundation cream

In order to have a glossy background like Korean stars, using foundation cream is an indispensable step.

The benefits of the primer are as follow:

  • Lock previous skincare layer and create a barrier to protect skin with makeup.
  • Smooth out skin tone and cover pores.
  • Reduce wrinkle formation and anti-aging.
  • Keep makeup off for longer.

The note when using primer

You should moisturize your skin enough to keep it moisturized throughout the day. This is also an important factor for you to have a glossy base layer.

After applying moisturizer and sunscreen (if any), you should wait 5-7 minutes before continuing to the next steps.

Dab the cream onto the spots on your face and spread it evenly. Then continue waiting for 2-3 minutes and continue with the next step!

Step 2: Moisturize the skin with a layer of setting Spray or mineral spray

Next, apply a setting or a mineral spray to help moisturize your face. Keep this product about 10-15cm from your face and gently spray 2-3 times.


  • It provides moisture to the skin, making sure the skin is moisturized again.
  • This makes it easier to spread the foundation later.
  • Create a comfortable feeling and smooth face.

Step 3: Combine foundation and lightening powder (highlighter) to create tension

Put the foundation and highlighter on your hands and mix well. By mixing (blending), the foundation and highlighter will increase the glow of the foundation, creating an ideal blend of light-catching foundation.

We should use a highlighter with a liquid foundation or cream foundation, as this will allow them to mix easily. This will create a natural stretchy gloss like Korean stars, avoid the highlighter powder as it will make not smoothen the foundation.

Step 4: Use concealer to catch the light

External concealer is used to cover the imperfections on your skin, such as acne, pores, dark circles, and so on. The concealer is also used to make highlighter extremely effective. Use a bright tone concealer under the eyes to brighten your face.

Step 5: Use a highlighter and blush to finish the foundation

Next, spread the cheeks evenly on the cheekbones to create a harmonious and fresh face.

Finally, use a highlighter to gently apply on the cheekbones, nose bridge, mid-range, chin, and lines on the eyebrows.  This will create a lightening effect and make a face more prominent.