Taking care of your Tattoo Properly

A tattoo could be in memory of someone special or in significance to a certain occurrence. Whatever the symbolism, long term care is key towards keeping the ink looking as bright as new. It is not just about getting the Best Lotion for tattoos, there is more to it.

In-depth Advice on Tattoo Care

First, it is important to note that unless you follow instructions religiously, you want achieve much in terms of expected results. Reviews such as these are plenty, so one would ask whether to listen to their artist or follow what they see in reviews. Well, there are a lot of dynamics involved. So, it would be best to listen to the artist as only he/she knows the components of colors used, needle size, amid various tattoo jargon. That said, here is some useful information.

Keep off scents: during the initial healing stages, skin tends to be overly sensitive. In connection to that, alcohol-based, fragrant soaps, and lotions could easily aggravate the sensitivity. But since skin may get dry at some time, products free of scent can be used.

Showering and nothing beyond that: during the healing process, too much water could hamper healing. Even when showering you should not stay too long. With regards to drying, you should either use a paper towel or let dry out naturally. Towels contain bacteria and that is not good for the healing procedure. Bath tubs, pools and ponds should not be entertained. Not even in dreams. At least not until after the third week.

The sun is a temporary enemy: too much sun is no good for the skin. It is especially so for newly tattooed skin. Always wear some light clothing when stepping out. Later on, using sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ helps maintain color. Otherwise, your tattoo fades over prolonged sun exposure.

Moisture is key to the glow: moisturize as much as you can, especially if your skin dries out fast. Take advantage of products such as Dream Cream Body Lotion. It is handmade from tea tree oil, with specific attention to tattoo lovers. That way, your art might end up even looking brighter than on the day you left the parlor.

The dos for Tattoos’ Well-being

You probably came looking for what to do, and what not to. Here is a summarized version of what is acceptable and can lead to well-healed art.

  • At all times, make sure your care products are antimicrobial, and fragrance free. Harsh chemicals lead to irritation, and/or damage to the tattooed area.
  • Ensure the skin is fully dried out before applying moisturizers. Excess moisture trapped under the skin causes irritation. At times, it could even lead to heat rash.
  • Drinking plenty of water in combination with moisturizer application keeps the skin pores open. When the pores breath efficiently, healing speeds up.
  • Wash the tattoo as per your activity levels. Also, cover it in some light clothing when working or basking out in the sun.

The do Nots!

Well, do not let the exclamation mark scare you. It is not some harsh list on the things one should not do. It is just a simple list of suggestions on what should be avoided in order to heal as scheduled.

  • Keep off any alcohol-based products. That is determinable by looking at the ingredients. Should you use a product and you start itching immediately, wash it off fast and refrain from using it again.
  • Never pick on flaking skin no matter how great the urge is. Aiding scabs as they come off leads to uneven skin healing. That is without a doubt far from desired results.
  • No matter how itchy the tattoo feels, do not scratch. Even when washing remain gentle and do it in circular motions.
  • Lastly, do not go swimming or expose the tattoo to excessive moisture levels. Sunscreen should be avoided until after the third week. Even then, it is advised that SPF levels need be above 30.


In conclusion, efforts made in taking care of tattoos, are directly proportional to the outcome. As such, you should not take aftercare instructions for granted.