Scientists Have to Say About Washing Hair

What Scientists Have to Say About Washing Hair

Washing your hair improperly can lead to hair loss over time according to some scientist. Every time we wash our oily hair it tends to get thinner. Its strange when you put some thought into it. Even a man who use the best men’s shampoo for oily hair will found himself missing hair. The strands of the years have gotten weak. It doesn’t make much sense. But, there are scientist who want to try to make slowly fading hair make sense and stop. More details on this below.

What is the Problem That Cause Hair Loss When Washing

Its not a life and death problem, but the problem is connected to human biology. The human body is structured to be washed in cold water. So, when you wash your hair in hot water, your hair tends to fall out piece by piece. The human body evolved over the years and adapted to cold water environment. The roots of your hair especially prefer soaking in cold water to provoke hair growth or strong single hair strands.

What does this have to do with washing? In case you haven’t be able to connect the dots, your hair is suppose to be washed in cold water. The human body was designed to be washed in cold water. If you keep using that machine to wash your hair in hot water, your hair will fall out. Once you get past the age of 25, your hair stops growing back fast. Its very important to wash your hair with cold or warm water.

To be more scientific, the hair on your head is connected to dermis which lets hair in and out. Your body natural has hair buried deep within the skin. But, it needs cold water or a provoke liquid to get the hair to grow to the surface. The hair can I your head or face can not grow if it comes in contact with heat. Heat causes the human skin to dry up more. You don’t want that because that leads to slow hair growth or no hair growth. So, men should use the best men’s shampoo for oily hair that has hair growth chemicals in it. The same applies to women.

How Much Should You Really Wash

Goldberg from Boston’s Medical Centre’s hair clinic, claims you should wash every other day to avoid harm to hair. Scientist think washing your hair every day can cause your hair to get weaker because we often use hot water to wash hair. Sometimes, we wash our hair in cold water but not most of the time. Goldberg also know from tests, washing hair too much can make hair scalp dry. This will cause the hair fall out little by little. Once the hair stops growing out. It starts to fall off little by little. Wash hair every other day to avoid.

Does it Matter if You Go to Wrong Saloon or Hair Stylist

It depends on the job they do to your hair. If they do a good job of keeping your hair safe and prevent you from getting hair loss, keep going to that saloon or hair stylist. But, if you have any problems from that hair stylist or saloon, you should stop going there soon. Your hair stops growing at a certain age. You might have to wear wigs or shave it for the rest of your life. To avoid this, only go to hair saloons and people who know how to do their job.